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Abstract Clouds


Zele is available for private coaching! Email @ to schedule a session

Abstract Clouds


Zele is currently working on online workshops to guide and empower you.


How to Write a Pitch Letter

You're looking for new reps? 
Reaching out to other markets?
This course teaches you step-by-step on how to write your unique pitch

Post Production in Process

Reels & Clips

What are CD's looking for? 
What is too long?
What makes a great reel or clip? 
How can your material stand out? 

Financial Meeting

How to Interview

Prepare for virtual & in-person interviews and showcasing your talents. 
How to prepare and avoid the
pitfalls of interviewing.

On location 3.png

Booked! On-Set Etiquette

You booked! What to expect on set.
Handling on-set stress. Navigating
on-set etiquette so casting and productions want to invite you back.


Getting Perfect Headshots

Do your research for the type of photographer you want so you get the best headshots that represent you. Know your 3 'looks'.

Woman with Laptop

Book More Work

Develop and maintain excellent professional relationships with your reps, casting offices and productions. 
Which can lead to you being hired again and again.

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