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Empowering. Inspiring. Guiding

Actor Empower Hour

A Strategic, Fun and 
Creative Approach to
your Acting Business

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Actor Empower Hour- What We Do
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Virtual coaching session
Virtual Intensive and Workshop
Actor Empower Hour owner Zele

Empowering. Inspiring. Guiding

Our mission: to make dreams come true for new, aspiring and seasoned artists by finding their unique creative voice as they navigate their careers and communicate their passion for what they
do, design, create or sell.
How do we help you?
Through pragmatism and guidance, we help you
with your pitch materials (pitch, headshots, reels, resumes, clips & online profiles) to get
agents/managers who believe in your talents 
and want to help you achieve your dreams.
Whether you are an actor, director or writer,
we specialize in helping you create individualized
marketing materials you can use repeatedly.
Our goal?
To guide, inspire and empower you so you
can market yourself on your own. 

Actor In-person Interview Skills
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"When you have a dream, you've go to grab it and never let go" - Carol Burnett

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How Are We Different?

Actor Empower Hour

Empowering. Inspiring. Guiding

At Actor Empower, we understand an artist juggles many hats, as we are an artist ourselves. We are uniquely different from many other artists as we have worked extensively in other industries including: education and marketing.  As former educators and currently a Marketing Manager, we understand the business of entertainment, because we have been on the business side- making the decisions.
You may be one of the best-kept secrets out there yet no one knows of your gift. We empower you to get noticed through your marketing materials and guide you through different pathways to reach those professionals who able to take your career to the next level. 

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The Actor Empower Hour Approach

We work with you with one-on-one coaching sessions to find and create your own unique marketing package. From pitch letters in finding reps, to your press kit and online profiles, to reaching out to PR  

companies  and getting your materials ready for your next project’s release, we guide and empower you with skill sets you can use repeatedly to navigate your artistic career where you want.

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Actor Empower Hour
Actor Empower Hour working with client

We make it a point to know what entertainment professionals are looking for; we stay informed and love every moment of it.

Empowering. Inspiring. Guiding

Actor Empower Virtual Workshop

We do not believe in the ‘One Size Fits All’ or ‘Plug-and-play” approaches in creating your marketing materials.  Through our coaching sessions we help you find your distinct voice. Zele has spent years developing her skills in being able to hone in on each client's uniqueness, so their materials stand out.

Let Us Help You


Wherever you are in your career, just finishing a university program, booked a few co-star roles, booked a few recurring guest star roles, you’ve decided it’s time to take further action but you’re not sure how to navigate your next steps. We are the ‘extra set of eyes’ that can advise you and provide you with resources. 


Wherever you are in your career, you’ve decided it’s time to for further action.
Looking for reps?
Looking for reps in other markets?
Looking to upgrade your team?
Add people to your team?
Need more headshots? 
Not sure what headshots you need?
Are your materials are to par?
Not sure what to do next?
We work with you to create your
unique pitch materials from cover letters, your marketing materials (headshots, reels, clips,
online profiles, etc.)


Stanislavski, Meisner & Uta Hogen. Add Tim Phillips and Moscow Art Theatre, Zele is a professionally trained working actor.  With over 27 film credits and 23 TV/Streaming credits, Zele knows the art and craft of acting.
She works one-on-one with her actors with improv, script analysis, scene work and developing their acting skills.



Wherever you are in your career,  just finishing a university program, worked on a few projects, some of your shorts or features got into film festivals, you've decided it's time to take further action but you're not sure how to navigate your next steps.  We are the ‘extra set of eyes’ that can advise you and provide you with resources from pitch decks, to  pitch letters for reps and more. 

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About Us

She’s Columbus Ohio -born and raised and a former Buckeye. Coming from a 1st generation Greek immigrant family, she values hard-work, integrity and is thankful for all the opportunities she and her family have had here in the US. She was 5 years old dancing ballet at the Ohio Theatre when she felt the synergy of the audience and the artist. Intuitively, she knew then she was a performer. Many adventures (living in Greece & the UK), detours (living in Boston), careers (teaching, marketing and even a professional organizer) and decades later, 
Zele is now a working actor in Atlanta with reps in NY, LA, SE & NE markets and now the EU.

These detours and adventures are the seeds that brought Actor Empower Hour in fruition. Through working on sets and meeting fellow creatives, she realized what came naturally to her, was a special skill set many creatives did not have. As a former teacher at international schools in Athens, she prepared students for British and US universities. As a Marketing Manager, she understands the business mentality, budgets and the different ways to sell and package a products through digital and print media. As a sole-proprietor, she understands how important professional relationships and networking are in building and sustaining one's business. Combined together, her clients receive personalized coaching in creating their 
marketing materials for all types of different engagements. 


Blue Skies


Actor Kevin Saunders testimonial

Kevin Saunders
Atlanta, GA

Actor Empower Hour is what Atlanta NEEDS! Zele is extremely passionate about the subject matter and is ultimately here to HELP. No matter if you're starting out, or have been at your craft for some time as I have, there are so many jewels her coaching has for you! I'm grateful I was able to apply what I learned to better marke tmyself. With Zele's expertise, I now have a better package to present as I expand my horizons to markets like New York and LA.
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